When You Run Out of Steam

There is immense value in having a guide, coach, or mentor to reflect your value back to you, to alchemize all of the elements of your uncertainty with the clarity at the core energetic level and liberates the power that comes instantly when aligning the two.

You are ready to change because you

  • are tired of questioning your value because of you aren’t getting the things you find meaningful.

  • are ready to uncover your deeper desires that are stopped by stories that no longer need to be defended.

  • want to understand your full potential and capabilities from a place of power, control, and choice that makes sense of what’s happening in your life

Here’s what I found

People spend a lot of time worrying and wasting their energy on things that keep them locked in feeling tired, discouraged, stressed out, unable to sleep, and support defeating and detracting habits like addictions.

And yet, your purpose in life mirrors itself to you every day.

The things right in front of us are the hardest things to see.  Apollo Robbins

Once you have a framework to organize the vastness of your higher self, you:

  • Stop thinking about yourself because you don't have to. You naturally live from the truth of who you are.

  • See others in this way too at the unseen levels and know that they are doing the best they can with what they have so you give them space to do it.

  • Have a way to quickly discern the gift in the darkness and disappointments in the details of life to express your authenticity, not stay stuck in a box of hopelessness.

  • You decide and act boldly with authority, not with force or domination, because you know your value at all levels.

  • You speak freely from your soul because no matter what happens, you lived that moment as honestly as the moment you answered the question, “Who am I?”

  • You change the world everyday, not the one in Tibet, but your world, the one filled with the details of life like your job, family, and friends..

  • People pick up what you put down because you let your magic flow through you.

Your authenticity is the mirror to others to be free.

Here’s what people are saying:

"We connected at just the right moment. The timing was perfect. You were there to stop me from going too deep into a dark place, but after our work, everything came to the place where it should be. The suggested tools were much different than those taught by others. The results were amazing. The way you explained things, I now understand (from an analytical mind). I also like how I can personalize the tools you taught me so that I can own my power and sacred space on earth. You have a genuine heart of gold providing the right energy needed at the right time!"

Didi L.

"The Neutral Separation exercise was easy and let me feel like myself again. I felt peaceful. It even helped open “space” in my daily life and there has also been an inexplicable positive effect on those around me, including my husband."

Janice H.

Navigate and liberate the hidden undercurrent

Navigate and liberate the hidden undercurrent

Online Courses

You’re a DIYr and have such a tight schedule.. This online, self-paced course is perfect for you.

Never ask yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?” or ever doubt your value again.

Think of it as getting your own compass and roadmap to get to the energetic core that reduces stress, get unstuck, and loving your job again.

Go on, call me.

Go on, call me.

One on One Educational Strategy Sessions

Understand how to find your overlooked power…and do it quickly, without having to repeatedly revisit the nuanced version of the same problem.

Complimentary Laser Discovery Call (30 minutes: $0)
Tell me where you’re at, where you want to go, and how to get there so we can discern what your next steps are and if my work is right for you.

Book Below (keep scrolling!)

“Put a fork in me, I’m done.”

“Put a fork in me, I’m done.”


De-Stress: Unwind your overlooked power (1 hour) $375

Stop bringing work home, both literally and figuratively. This isn’t about meditation but HOW to stop overlooking the power in your space.

Find your footing instead of fishing for the ground when circumstances change unexpectedly.

Unwind strategically during the call once I help you get clear on what’s really going on.

Understand how the things you want in life, like recognition, peace, confidence, and clarity are presenting themselves to you everyday hidden beneath the surface.

Call audio recording, notes, pdf exercises provided.

Ask about how you can get 40% off One Ripple’s signature online course, The True Life Roadmap for $598 after the session.

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Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Like what you see here and want to do and see this in person?

My public appearances alchemize sacred storytelling, meditation, and immersive experiences so that the work lives on its own in you.

Book me to speak to your group to learn about empowered alignment amplifies your actions and authenticity..

Or, dive deep into a specific empowered alignment component found in the True Life Roadmap within the safety of kindred souls in an accelerated workshop format.

It’s time. Stop swirling. Find your mojo.

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More Feedback:

"I am forever indebted to you for giving my son the tools and power to heal his soul. As soon as he satin the car, he said he felt, "Amazing!!" And late that day, he said something that really touched me...he told me that he would give up all his bedroom furniture and sleep on the floor, just to be able to pay you for your services, which to him was worth a million dollars!!! You were there for me and my son at the most difficult and vulnerable time of his life" 

Ella H.

"The Return Receipt exercise was so quick and simple and yet, it completely transformed the essence of the relationship with my mom in a way was so beautiful. Our exchanges became so much easier and I didn’t have to do anything different. It went from a feeling of soul draining overwhelm to normal and balanced. Such an easy exercise and yet incredibly profound and life saving."

Jenny K.