Empowered Alignment

Achievement without meditation, liberated power without rituals

Live so that the truth of who you are is the only self you show.

Live so that the truth of who you are is the only self you show.

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You would love

  • to have a shortcut to uncover your deeper desires if you had an easy way to do it.

  • plants the seeds of your highest self by knowing your role in this climate of unrest.

  • to have your free time be your own, rather than having work, a relationship dynamic, or a chronic issue replay in your head.

  • to show up as yourself instead of as a stepford wife just because everyone else does.

  • ·find ways to decompress from the day through therapy (wine, retail or actual therapy) .

    I know because

    I was there…for 34 years in Corporate America and being a caregiver for 23 years, and I have to tell you, work doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to numb your soul until retirement or worry about your value carrying you through the next reorg.

    I figured out the way to get through all of that AND make work the best part of my life even though I worked in financial services where life purpose freedom wasn’t on the agenda.

  • I wanted to move forward but no matter what I did, nothing worked…until it backed me into a corner.


I couldn’t go on anymore.


It’s hard for me to ask for help but I remember the relief and value of working with someone who saw the overlooked value and power in my life.

I didn’t do anything wrong nor did anyone around me, but no one had the capacity to see my entire potential beyond material success and stability.

It just wasn’t about work

I felt trapped because I didn’t even know who “I” was.

I placed who I thought I really was on external things like my job, family, or achievements as a gauge of my value. The pain of having those taken away from me made me realize how vulnerable my self-worth was.

Either stop living or find a way that was quick, simple because all of that mindfulness balance stuff didn’t work for me.

Then I discovered this:

Empowered alignment liberated my ability to achieve my highest potential by uncovering my overlooked power.

I merge proven energy practices with highly practical tools of transformation:

  • my innate gift to always see the highest potential and desires in everyone, despite their outward reputation or appearance, allowed me to amplify the best in themselves even if they hadn’t aligned with it. It’s called sacred sight and has been the key to my success especially in Corporate America.

  • how I can quickly teach people to see themselves in an empowered aligned way so they see what’s in front of them as well as what’s behind their eyes.

  • I can instantly see the energetic core quality that holds beliefs, perceptions, habits, patterns, and attitudes in place.

  • the skill to alchemize life stories that show themselves to you every day in relationships with the self, others, work, health, and money and re-tone them instantly .

  • my ability to connect the dots to identify the “right” solution for the good of everyone involved without abandonment or disruption.

It’s based on the Soul Path Framework I created to

  • organize the seemingly random events into clarifying epiphanies by plotting in your life experiences to translate the abstract into tangible actions.

  • to fill in the gaps of patterns and beliefs you may not be aware you’re living with.

  • understand how important you are and your connection to the the human story and flipping it so you can easily align with it to access freedom and the power that comes from it.

  • combine the of tools Jungian, Gestalt, New German Medicine, NLP, Epigenetics, and Family Constellation Theories with decades of success in the corporate world, the art of sacred storytelling, the body’s methods of managing and using energy and power along with my gift of being able to see the past, present, and future instantly as well as what blocks forward movement for people and businesses.


Empowered Alignment is found in the truth of who you are.

  • It uncovers your highest potential achieved through your next best steps with great ease and inner power, never power over.

  • Releases the ability to incite change and achieve success in a new way.

  • Stops worry and wasted time on dead-end activities that deplete your happiness, vibrancy, and energy.

  • Values the truth of who you are, your potential and inspires the world see it in themselves that frees them.

  • Sees your life from empowerment to transform the world you live in, not as a by-product circumstances.

  • Merge the intellectual mind with your higher self for impactful, tangible action.

  • Easily finds the keys of meaning in your life right in front of you.

  • Immediately enhances your power to be free no matter who is around or what’s happening and being free only when things are going well.

Clients say…

I stand for:

Photo by Jack Nitowitz

Photo by Jack Nitowitz

  • for instantaneous transformation by holding a sacred space for it to happen.

  • changing the cultural narrative about achievement and modern spirituality.

  • connecting the dots of life and teaching you to do the same.

  • sacred stories that give perspective and heal by loosening the attachments to the essence waiting to be liberated.

  • the liberation of core energetic qualities that hold a belief, perception, habit, pattern or attitude that prevents forward movement.

    I coach, guide, mentor people to know themselves so that their higher self is the only self in their lives that achieves success.

Empowered alignment achieves success that:

  • embraces life's beauty

  • speaks of our power

  • includes everyone, everywhere, no matter what

I am so glad you’re here and I know you’re ready.

Learn how to finally and forever align with your inner power.

Make the impact you were destined to through the empowered alignment in you.

Joy Osaka-Lu
Founder, One Ripple, LLC
Empowered Alignment Coach, Mentor, Guide
Certified Life Purpose Coach