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Destress From a Shitty Day at the Office

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Learn mindfulness without meditation by getting to the root cause of what stresses you at and changing it there.

 It’s similar to pulling a weed at the root vs trimming the leaves of the root. And you know what happens, one way gets rid of it all together and the other way leaves space for it proliferate and spread.

I know you’re busy at work and home so if this is for you if:

  • you can’t take your shoes off to ground during a meeting

  • don’t even have time between back to back meetings to re-center

  • want to manage stress at the root so you don’t have to meditate daily.

 You’ll learn

  • The root cause of stress that goes beyond the physical symptoms of not sleeping well which links to other stress related activities like online shopping, lack of sleep, low energy

  • Why stress happens

  • How to get immediate relief in seconds and not have to change your attitude or behavior.

 This isn’t:

  • Another mediation course which, if you see the number of them out there, and I wondered why they didn’t work for me.  they don’t provide lasting and surpassing change because the stress always came back.

  • A brain hacking, positive thinking, retrain your habits tactic. Your plates are already full so why add something more to your day?

The big idea:

It’s about using the elements of our human design that are underdeveloped, the other 95% of you that isn’t conscious that run on their own once your body and mind feel remember what that is.

I’m sharing with you what I learned during my decades of compression in working 12-14 hour days in Corporate America across many sectors then working until 2AM while caregiving for relatives who were incapacitated due to brain injuries.And since I’m always looking for the most efficient, end to end way to get stuff done that’s scalable and transportable, I created my own methodology that I want to share with you in this free training.

The reason why things don’t change is people don’t acknowledge what’s happening. As if there is a stigma to admit that things aren’t really cool. Explains why there is so much stepford wifing around in the office where everyone says they’re fine when they’re not, they agree in a meeting when inside they’re rolling their eyes. But that’s for another training.

·      It’s only when a health issue results do people act on stress like diabetes, chronic depression, etc.

·      I know that you can prevent it before this happens and that’s what I’m going to teach you.

·      I teach you own to maximize your life not to become dependent on anyone, including myself.

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