Workshops and Public Speaking

An alchemy of sacred storytelling, meditative immersive exercises, and empowerment that live on in you forever.

Fees vary depending on location and size of group.


Discovering Your Soul Path Blueprint

Find the truth of who you are by laying out the foundation (original essence), removing the major walls and stairs that go no where (lifetime and ancestral scripts), and close any doors or windows (unaligned information).



Power is not about domination, control, deceit, manipulation, or force.

It is about how much of the 95% of you, your higher self, is allowed to express itself to influence and create your environment and relationships.

Both esoteric and practical, it already is in use by how much you give away to others through intrusions or how sovereign you are in your own life.



Who are you really without the external labels of race, gender, educational or professional achievement, political or religious affiliation, world citizenship, or how much wealth you have?

Your original essence, the reason why you’re here on earth is far more grand than any of those details of life.

Your purpose is meant to be lived now, in the job you have, in the relationships you’re in at this moment…not just during vacations or during retirement.



The meaning of why you’re alive is simply to live YOUR life, not the stories of other people.

But what if the stories you live are driven by another factor, not your conscious mind?

Unwind the stories that drive your life, from those learned during this lifetime, those transmitted through ancestry, and the evolutionary adaptations we all operate under.

Map out your life events as data points to identify these stories in order to unwind them at the root.


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