How to Use Empowered Alignment

aka What You REALLY Want and How to Get It.

The True Life Roadmap


Here it is! Download it here.

I created this based on information that I couldn't find when I was going through my biggest challenge (you can read about it here, if you're curious).

It's unique because it gets to the root quickly without embellishing the pain, mindhacks, or positive thinking to make room for what you really want to expand: Peace, clarity, power no matter what circus is happening around you. It gets to the root and remediates in a way where you'll have no sticky residue.

Life is not a random game of chance, but rather repetitive attempts to figure out what you really want and how to get it so you’ll never be pulled off course again, no matter what happens around you.

This is for YOU if you say:


I hate my [boss, job, company] BUT...

I'm trapped...I've got to pay the bills, good jobs are hard to find, and I can't speak up, because I don't want to get on "the list" of untouchables.


I can't stop thinking about...

It's 11PM and I'm still working, stressing over my relationship, or just can’t move forward. I know it's irrational, so why can't I just turn it off? I'm running on fumes already.

I want to feel like self.png

I don't feel like myself and I'm just not happy...

I can't snap out of whatever this is...I'm not depressed, just detached and I feel like I'm wearing beer goggles, not that anyone would ever know because I'm still kicking it at work...but, I just don't feel right.

What You Want Pivots on Who You Really Are

A simple way to think about it is who you are in the indescribable-from-logic perspective. Your original essence. That’s where your power lies.

And most people overlook the power in their lives. Just look at how much time and energy is spent on the nightly news to see the unrest. Instead of finding the power in themselves, they focus outward on blame and responsibility outward.

Get a feel for this work through the boat-that-takes-you-on-this-journey below.

The True Life Roadmap has 3 steps:

The practical “how to’s” for those of us living and working in the real world and tired of shellacking over the root but not keen on the recycled spiritual stuff.

Part 1:  Find your truth (North Star, purpose, original essence identity) in all relationships, starting with yourself.

Without knowing this, the trajectory of your efforts will always be off point.


Part 2: Unwind the patterns (lifetime, ancestral, evolutionary) at their energetic core quickly.

Without unwinding these, your efforts will be blocked and slowed down.


Part 3: Manage the capacity to hold the power of your truth in the one element that never abandons you, your higher self.

Without knowing how to manage the immense power of your truth, your efforts will be ungrounded and inefficient.


What happens after The True Life Roadmap?

I’ve seen just one exercise change peoples’ lives, just like one ripple can change everything. Imagine what 6 modules can do for you.

The True LIfe Roadmap is an online, self-paced course featuring Six Modules which include four hours of instruction in 46 videos, 37 PDF downloadable exercises, and 17 downloadable audio files + Bonus Recipe Cards unlocked instantly upon purchase.

Get immediate control back of your life so you can be happy at work. Learn how to quickly find the overlooked power in your life, decode what's happening in your life, like giving your power away, and most importantly, how to quickly change it.

Learn what it means to be full of yourself without feeling guilty or motivated by force.

What people are saying:

"I am forever indebted to you for giving my son the tools and power to heal his soul. As soon as he satin the car, he said he felt, "Amazing!!" And later that day, he said something that really touched me...he told me that he would give up all his bedroom furniture and sleep on the floor, just to be able to pay you for your services, which to him was worth a million dollars!!! You were there for me and my son at the most difficult and vulnerable time of his life!"  Ella H.

"We connected at just the right moment. The timing was perfect. You were there to stop me from going too deep into a dark place, but after our work, everything came to the place where it should be. The suggested tools were much different than those taught by others. The results were amazing. The way you explained things, I now understand (from an analytical mind). I also like how I can personalize the tools you taught me so that I can own my power and sacred space on earth. You have a genuine heart of gold providing the right energy needed at the right time!" Didi L.

"The Neutral Separation exercise was easy and let me feel like myself again. I felt peaceful. It even helped open “space” in my daily life and there has also been an inexplicable positive effect on those around me, including my husband." Janice H.

"The Return Receipt exercise was so quick and simple and yet, it completely transformed the essence of the relationship with my mom in a way was so beautiful. Our exchanges became so much easier and I didn’t have to do anything different. It went from a feeling of soul draining overwhelm to normal and balanced. Such an easy exercise and yet incredibly profound and life saving." Jenny K.

"The session with Joy was a wonderful experience for me. Joy has a lovely energy and I could feel her sincerity in wanting to help people. She got straight to the heart of my question, and let me know what I really need to work on at this moment. Thank you so much Joy for your lovely gift." L. Kaye

"Joy is such a real life joy to work with. She is warm, honest and caring. She listens carefully and has the highest respect for the feelings and intentions of her clients. My work with Joy was wonderful. She described what she saw and brought the scene to life, giving me chance and opportunities to ask questions whenever I wanted to. A wonderful experience! S. Flanagan

I want to share my experience with Joy. Joy did an amazing job by describing the process and explaining the imagery she see. She was able to find what I really needed to know based on the question and my intent for the session. In the back of my mind, I knew my horrible habits that I need to fix but never made the effort. After the session, the message was loud and clear to me and now I know what I needed to do to move forward. Thanks so much Joy. I would recommend booking a session with Joy, you may never know what you will discover. T. Vang


Download Your Free True Life Roadmap eBook here!

Actually, I’m ready for action - Help me find my North Star now!

The True Life Roadmap Master Class is an online, self-paced course. Instant access for $997.


When does the course start? Whenever you’re ready! All modules unlock upon payment.
How long does it take?Each exercise runs between 5-20 minutes - this is a self-paced online course, so there's no rush.
Do you have a refund policy?
No, due to the digital nature of this program, no refunds will be issued after the purchase of this course. This course is designed for individuals who are serious and committed to living their true lives.