The Bridge

Understand why your business isn’t getting traction so you can change it instantly.


Beta Testing via In-Person Workshops in Process Now

$50 for 2 hour workshop

Your work is needed in the world. You would not have answered the calling to begin your path if it wasn’t.

Learn how your Soul Path Blueprint is affecting your work.

This course is for Alchemists, those who work with the unseen aspects of people in the transformative arts, and for Maverick entrepreneurs in any field, whether it’s finance, beauty, or lifestyle, who created a business after a big tipping point in their lives.

This is for people who have found that the way of doing business isn’t working for them in a fulfilling, meaningful, or materially prosperous way.

It is because you are ahead of the game and not meant to recycle what others have done. You are experiencing what it is like to be the creator and leader of the new way of doing business.

You are here to create the future that the world is waiting for.

If you want to move from

  • Spinning your wheels from following marketing “experts’” guidance on sales funnels, online ads, networking, and other business development ideas that just don’t work.

  • Wasting your time and energy that needs to be reserved for your work with clients.

  • Not being seen and heard within the noisy social media environment.

  • Acting like a charity by undercharging for the gifts and talents that are extraordinarily valuable. You will no longer negotiate yourself for money.

  • Believing that it is not possible to be profitable by doing the work that is based on the truth of who you are.

And move to

  • Changing the narrative of what achievement looks like by aligning the truth of who you are so that people recognize and are inspired to hire you.

  • Creating money from inner power not power over (manipulation, scarcity, subservience).

  • Bridging the medicine you bring to the world through your body that you know the world needs.

  • Move the world into balance in a grounded, actionable way that creates more capacity for you to serve more.

  • Leading from the core to shift what your industry needs to shift towards.

This course is neither spiritual or intellectual but an alchemy of both…

that encompasses the human design of creating without willpower and effort and instead, through the capacity of what needs to be said and done.

I discovered what others don’t know or won’t tell you.

I’ll cover the two most important aspects of businesses that were founded on deep inspiration that nobody will tell you:

Visibility and Money’s energetic core.

  • The core of why it feels like there is a net around forward movement in these two areas.

  • How to bridge your deep wisdom knowledge with how your clients see the world.

  • Invitations to bring your overlooked power to present time so that your business can finally take root and flourish.

  • How modern day spells and curses are alive and well, specifically directed at Alchemists.

  • Why focusing your time and energy are vital for the importance of your work in showing up consistently.

  • The undercurrent of marketing, branding, and engagement from the deep truth of the human story.

  • Why money is shy about finding you.

  • Why words like “lightworker,” love and light,” “peace and ascension,” or “manifesting” are no longer resonant marketing copy text.

  • You are not your modality of healing or work. The truth of who you are is far greater than your work.

This is what you can expect from me:

  • A clean space for the spiritual side of yourself that has never been spoken to be given a chance to express itself. I’ll translate the most common energetic cores into recognizable words and essences that are recognizable by those who are uninformed and wish to engage with you for  the forward movement of their journey. 

  • If I have pulled you into my field, I will require that you stand in the sovereignty of being a spiritual leader. 

  • I do not tolerate laziness meaning replicating what someone else has done by using tired overused images and parroting someone else’s words or rates. We all need the reflection of something that exists to start with in order for the act of creation to begin. 

  • Reiterate what you already know: We will not stay in the realm of what already exists. The world does not need more of the same. The world needs you to step up, plant your feet firmly in the ground and embody what you have been called to do. 

  • I will invite you to find what is true for you and the Dharma Of your business. In doing so, your life and your entire soul timeline will shift subtly, dramatically, and gently in a very short amount of time to move the boundaries to make space for the power of prosperity and the next level up of your work. 

  • A new way to apply the pragmatics of business operations in aligned sovereignty. 

Your mirror and all of the layers of your undercurrent will be pure and will pull the right people with the right energy into your business.

The nature of this course is 5% conscious mind (spoken words, what you see) and 95% the truth of both of us engaging.

This course includes

  • Videos

  • Business Guide that outlines a checklist, prompts to find your overlooked highest potential for immediate, actionable steps.