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In your Soul Path Blueprint session work you will learn ways to:

    • Create with a true sense of inspiration

    • Communicate with a true sense of clarity

    • Act with a true sense of achievement

You will access the essential empowered alignment with your Soul Path Blueprint that will move you to:

  • SET YOURSELF FREE FROM RELENTLESS WANTING AND STAND IN THE POWER OF REALIZING YOUR BEST LIFE. Finally access the clarity of the greatest vision of your Soul Path Blueprint and find ways to invest your energy so you are creating from the source of your true power.  

  • STOP SPINNING IN STRESS. Learn how to uncover ways your body is overcompensating … let go of energy draining habits that lead to poor choices and misaligned actions. Afterall, the power of your Soul Path Blueprint remains where it belongs...with you.

  • MASTER THE MINDSET OF FORWARD MOVEMENT. Tap into the inner-influence of your Soul Path Blueprint … a natural state of motivation where you act from the highest aspect of who you are and meant to be instead of from fear, self-doubt, denial. Get clear about which habits, patterns, behaviors, and beliefs stop you from moving forward and have you randomly chasing deadend solutions that don’t last.  

  • STAND STRONG IN YOUR VISION. Stop worrying and wasting time on things that deplete your connectedness, confidence, and creative control of your future. Eliminate things that make you strategize, run in circles, feel tired, stressed out, wrestling with sleepless nights … all of the patterns of discouragement that can lead to giving up in defeat and even habits of addictions.

  • DEFINE YOUR FUTURE FROM A PLACE OF TRUE EMPOWERMENT. Understand and claim your life from the real meaning it is meant to be, not as a by-product of circumstances. Find key elements of your Soul Path Blueprint and the touchstone guidance in your life that show up daily.

  • ABOLISH OVERTHINKING. Find the real trust to honor and follow your decisions instead of pre-qualifying, negotiating or justifying them, over and over and over again.

  • NATURALLY SHOW UP, BE YOURSELF AND UNMASK YOUR UNIQUE STANDOUT POWER. Finally and forever, establish your strength of footing regardless of other people’s opinions, circumstances, or reactions. Establish the solid confidence to overlook harsh judgment, fear of standing out and need to fit in …. set free your gifts, talents, potentials and get more done without the relentlessly doing more.

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Private Soul Path Target Call

One Private Soul Path Target Call is designed to unwind one primary concern that prevents you from taking forward movement in your life.

Private 90-Minute Session:  $350.

Package of 3 Sessions: $895


The Soul Path Blueprint Program

Three 90-minute session to map out your personal and unique Soul Path Blueprint

BONUS: Includes a 15 Minute Check-in Call within 30 days of your final session.

Private Session Work Package:  $1195


The Soul Path Blueprint Workshop

Four hour workshop to map out the components of your Soul Path Blueprint.