Soul Path Blueprint


How Do I Create My Soul Path Blueprint?

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What is it?

We are layers of aspects, mindsets, ideas, aspirations and patterns, both empowered and disempowered.

The Soul Path Blueprint is the foundation of your life.

Your original Soul Path Blueprint is your true identity.  

The blueprint includes your intellect and all of your accomplishments and adds to it the rest of you. This part of you is more vast and powerful that makes sense of the big picture of your life and your highest potential.

This important facet uses aligned empowerment to efficiently use your time and energy for focus to achieve what currently seems out of reach.

You can quickly and clearly see what your next best step is and change any dynamic in your life from this blueprint perspective.

How does it work?

To give form to the truth of who you are, it has 3 customizable templates that translate a desired idea into a practical way.

Insert key life experiences to scale the blueprint.

  • Foundational outline: Your original essence is outside of your life experience and roles and when set, the trajectory of your life is always aligned. This is where you are most powerful.

  • Walls and Stairs: Patterns, beliefs, and mindset that define the rooms of a home can come from your lifetime, ancestral, or unknown origins are the hardest to see alone but are meant to be remodeled easily.

  • Doors and Windows: Thresholds that we walk through with empowerment with grounded vision that provides information in a sensible way to move forward in any situation.

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What happens when you engage with your Soul Path Blueprint?

  • Love what you do and do what you love.

  • Live from a place of empowerment, choice, and freedom.

  • Be lifted by your vision and mold your reality from this place, not burdened by expectations.

  • Define your life by how you live, not with what you do with your time.

  • Achieve through the integration of overlooked power and change what success looks like.

  • The truth of who you are becomes the only self you live.

  • Act from genuine convictions, not fear by expanding your experience

  • No longer compromise (pay more for and get less) than what you want.

  • Change relationship dynamics instantly by integrating all parts of your blueprint.

  • Make a difference in the consciousness of our times.

Help Me Create My Soul Path Blueprint