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Get clear so you can get your freedom and power back.



One on One Educational Strategy Sessions

Need to understand how to make your job the best part of your life…and do it quickly? Without having to repeatedly revisit the nuanced version of the same problem?

One change can set your trajectory straight just like one ripple can change everything.

Stop having to try so hard to get what you want by waiting for your boss to give you permission.

Know what holds you back so you can unwind it and start doing what makes you happy at work. Do more without “doing” more.

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  1. Complimentary Laser Discovery Chat (30 minutes: $0)
    Tell me where you’re at and where you want to go so you can discern if my work is right for you, without a pitch at the end.

  2. De-Stress: Unwind from a shitty day at the office (1 hour: $299)
    Stop bringing the office home. This isn’t about meditation but HOW to stop work from intruding into your space. Once clear on what’s really going on with that, you’ll learn how to quickly unwind the root strategically so you don’t take the office home anymore and how to relax. Notes and session audio recording provided.

  3. Do more of what you want (without doing more) (1.5 hours plus a 1/2 hour follow-up call: $400)
    Get clear about how to be seen and heard at work so you can use your talents when blocked by an unsupportive boss or untrustworthy leadership. Manage how you use your time and energy instead of reacting to the cray cray. What trips you up rarely is what you think it is. I’ll teach you strategic tools that run on their on so you can quickly get moving towards your goal. PDF exercise(s), notes and session audio recording provided.

  4. **Best Value**
    Make Work the Best Part of Your Life…when you just can’t quit (Four 1.5 hour sessions + True Life Roadmap online course: $1997)
    I’ll personalize the strategy and tools from the True Life Roadmap in four sessions to change work from the worst part to the best part of your life. AND you’ll get free access to the entire True Life Roadmap online course valued at $997. PDF exercise(s), notes and session audio recording provided.

    1. Eliminate stress by finding your North Star that you bring to the office everyday.

    2. Liberate the root cause that binds your freedom in the office.

    3. Manage your power and influence by stopping how you waste your time and energy.

    4. Use your compass and roadmap to make work the best part of your life.


Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Like what you see here and want to do and see this in person?

Book me to speak to your group to learn the real reason you’re here on earth and what’s possible.

Or, Dive deep into a specific True Life Roadmap phase within the safety of kindred souls in an accelerated format.

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What people are saying:

"I am forever indebted to you for giving my son the tools and power to heal his soul. As soon as he satin the car, he said he felt, "Amazing!!" And later that day, he said something that really touched me...he told me that he would give up all his bedroom furniture and sleep on the floor, just to be able to pay you for your services, which to him was worth a million dollars!!! You were there for me and my son at the most difficult and vulnerable time of his life!"  Ella H.

"We connected at just the right moment. The timing was perfect. You were there to stop me from going too deep into a dark place, but after our work, everything came to the place where it should be. The suggested tools were much different than those taught by others. The results were amazing. The way you explained things, I now understand (from an analytical mind). I also like how I can personalize the tools you taught me so that I can own my power and sacred space on earth. You have a genuine heart of gold providing the right energy needed at the right time!" Didi L.

"The Neutral Separation exercise was easy and let me feel like myself again. I felt peaceful. It even helped open “space” in my daily life and there has also been an inexplicable positive effect on those around me, including my husband." Janice H.

"The Return Receipt exercise was so quick and simple and yet, it completely transformed the essence of the relationship with my mom in a way was so beautiful. Our exchanges became so much easier and I didn’t have to do anything different. It went from a feeling of soul draining overwhelm to normal and balanced. Such an easy exercise and yet incredibly profound and life saving." Jenny K.

"The session with Joy was a wonderful experience for me. Joy has a lovely energy and I could feel her sincerity in wanting to help people. She got straight to the heart of my question, and let me know what I really need to work on at this moment. Thank you so much Joy for your lovely gift." L. Kaye

"Joy is such a real life joy to work with. She is warm, honest and caring. She listens carefully and has the highest respect for the feelings and intentions of her clients. My trip into the Akashic Records with Joy was wonderful. She described what she saw and brought the scene to life, giving me chance and opportunities to ask questions whenever I wanted to. A wonderful experience! S. Flanagan

I want to share my AR experience with Joy. Joy did an amazing job by describing the process and explaining the imagery she see. She was able to find what I really needed to know based on the question and my intent for the session. In the back of my mind, I knew my horrible habbits that I need to fix but never made the effort. After the session, the messge was loud and clear to me and now I know what I needed to do to move forward. Thanks so much Joy. I would recommend booking a session with Joy, you may never know what you will discover. T. Vang

True Life Roadmap Online Course

You’re a DIYr and have such a tight schedule, that One on One sessions aren’t going to cut it. This online, self-paced course is perfect for you

Think of it as getting your own compass and roadmap to reduce stress, get unstuck, and loving your job again.