Behind One Ripple®

Where did this come from?

I created One Ripple ® out of the frustration of not finding lasting, practical or easy solutions to simple questions like, "Why can't I relax?," "What does happiness mean to me?" and "Why in the hell am I here in this life and situation?" You can read about that drama here. I wanted to find an easier, faster, simpler way to knowing what my purpose was….or if I even had one. I also wanted to know why I wasn't happy....and if I was even entitled to be.

I knew there had to be a fast way to do it without cutting corners. I learned a lot and in my way of living, made it my own by customizing it so that it all worked for me.

I consider myself an introvert, even though I'm outwardly optimistic, driven and vocal about my commitment to my vision. In other words, I'm persistent until I figure stuff out. That requires a lot of time in my head, to look at something from A to Z, its unintended consequences, and only settling on ways that uplift everyone, no matter how difficult the puzzle.

Always straddling the invisible and visible, between cultures and the living and not living, leveraging my monocular vision of seeing two things at the same time.

I've always looked below the surface of events or people, always fascinated by the story behind them. I see how each fits within the colorful tapestry of humanity, each unique and profoundly deep and rich.

I also took a keen interest in so called "marginalized" parts of society....the invisible ones shuffled out of our normal sight into prisons, nursing homes, mental health institutions and places specifically created for developmentally disabled adults. I see stuff that others don't because I'm brave enough to look at it. I find meaning and worth in everything and everyone because it all makes me a better person.

I find that we all, no matter our circumstances, are more alike than different, regardless of how hard polarity tries to make us believe.

As I followed this path, I got my BA in sociology, emphasizing an interest abnormal psychology from UCLA, I found myself stitching together a quilt of 20 years of experience in entertainment, travel, technical writing, government, financial services, abnormal psychology, and investment management doing stuff like directing data projects, changing paradigms, and consulting. In 2016, I got my Life Purpose Coach certification.

I have typically been asked to lead "those" projects that were short-fused & high profile or the ones that  leadership didn't know how to solve due to complexity which deferred them to the "later" (read, "never") backlog....essentially, to get shit done but in my style of simplifying for the better good. It all came down to translating the complex into the simple in scalable and sustainable ways so others could carry on.

Working for my own company is no different. Unwinding the root cause of what makes people unhappy, in a quick and responsible way, is still my M.O.

The benefit to me is that each experience and story makes me a better person.

My Style

I have always had a unique style - doing stuff differently because it felt right to me. It's always been an open palm way of doing stuff, not hiding anything no matter the corporate hierarchy level I worked within. And you know, not fitting into the mold isn’t always easy.

My work follows this approach: I share information that will probably be new to you about concepts you're probably familiar with, then I invite you to do the work while I support you so you can own it going forward. Irreverent and always supportive, my only interest is your success.

Really, truth be told, the only thing I do is hold a safe, "clean" space for you to give yourself permission to use the education I provide as I mirror that back to you. The point is, my operating model is different - get you on your way so you know how to own your life and don't need to come back. There, that's my secret sauce.

And I take this seriously.

  • This is my soul flow because it aligns in the long succession of skills that have always led me to express my North Star of freedom to whoever I am around.

  • The second thing is a little more dramatic - it's like a vow for this approach only works when I am in MY integrity of keeping the work with clients private. This work only works if the space is "clean," free of my opinions, undercurrent projections and analytical mind - the work is about YOU and I present it with that in mind, as you are the only expert who can decode what's going on.

I blend the realistic nuances of being a "fixer" in Corporate America with the most efficient way to soulful intelligence and leadership in a process that's different, straightforward, a little irreverent to the current state of things but always respectful to you and your tender spots.

In my personal style, the information is fast and easy to understand and implement while not cutting corners....and light while being serious.  I'm open and I do what I say I will. I work best with people who do the same in their own unique style and are willing and ready to do their part.. 

My approach is to start where you are so you can use the internal changes of unbound empowerment in your current state. This also implies there is no abandonment of current obligations since they're actually needed as the data points for the work.

Work and purpose come down to 3 things...

Clarity about your agency in life, freedom from what constrains you from using it, and power to use it without doing more than what you’re already doing, even in a job that doesn’t seem to support it.

It pivots on who you REALLY are, how freely you show up or how often you compromise to fit in and get things done.

1.     Happiness and life meaning can be found simply, easily, and quickly. All the stuff around repetitive tactics like positive affirmations or willing yourself forward only distracts from a faster way of getting to the root of what keeps people stuck…at least, they were for me. The solution is as simple as looking at your life as data points using a new lens to easily translate and unravel the false identity that most people live under. Actually, these hidden drivers and scripts are trying to give you exactly what you need to get what you want. And, it can happen fast. Your life purpose is based on your essence, or your North Star, and it’s the most efficient and effective way to use your time and energy in a surpassing, permanent way.

2.     The unknown, which keeps people stuck, is simply who you are 100% unencumbered. No one else can get you there but just need a sensible, flexible and practical framework that you fill in with your unique, internal landscape. People talk about authenticity but none of us are taught how to do it “cleanly.” There is great power, without manipulation, force or domination, in this version of you that ripples out, without effort, when you have the capacity to automatically click into it. And best of all, this work is about finding who you really are, outside of your job title or some other artificial label, without abandoning the real world - it's meant to be owned just as your life is, without the woo-woo.

3.     The natural you happens without conscious effort. There is a difference between being free when things go right and being FREE wherever you're at, no matter what's happening around you. When you are in full ownership of you are, without the unseen undercurrent that most folks have no idea is there, you are free to fully expand in the best way possible, on all levels so that your mind, words, actions, feelings, and spirit are one single note WITHOUT having to think about it. You can get there without "tarry residue" of attaching to old scripts and this serves as the basis of unchanging stability and clarity. This results in being happy in your job NOW without having to do more.

What I Really Do

My work is to serve as a North Star Guide - giving you an educational framework to show you how to decode what's going on. I provide a toolkit to help you along in the framework and a safe, clean space for you to expand and unwind into that which allows you to customize and own it in a way that makes sense to you once you have this new information and lens.

It's intended, in the best way I've found so far, to get you to a better place — a place where you are 100% you without other people's hidden garbage taking up space in your, well, "space." From there, whatever you do, however you express it, will be one that will be deeply satisfying, because it will be come from your place of truth.

I am always looking upward to where you want to go, while seeing simultaneously where you came from, all displayed in plain sight in present time. I teach you how to do the same automatically.

This is the intention of my work:

  • Help you get to a better place, to their best and happiest life right NOW, based on your non-changeable North Star (or who you really are, outside of job titles or roles in society) so you don't have to rely on anything external to yourself for your most stable point of truth. And to do it in a surpassing way so that you don't do anything other than live from a place of effortless clarity WITHOUT abandoning the real world.

  • To get there, show you how to unwind anything that doesn't belong to you, at the root, so you can get out of what keeps you small. It’s like seeing the walls of a box you don’t know is there so you know how much you’ve outgrown it. And do this in a surpassing way so you don't have to think about it going forward in a way that life is good, even if circumstances are less than ideal.

  • To own and expand the value you bring to the world by being full of your true self, where true empowerment is, that is, a power that comes without manipulation, domination or force, and to do so regardless of what happens around you, even during polarizing times.

One ripple can change everything ® really means something to me. One change in your own internal landscape can have a waterfall effect, changing your entire life. Then your life, rippling out to those around you in invisible ways to free them, too, and so on onward. You have the ability to balance the world, "change" it in a sense by doing nothing more noble or brave than to live your true life.

Are you the one? Are you the One Ripple®? 

Joy Osaka-Lu
Founder, One Ripple, LLC
Certified Life Purpose Coach (aka North Star Guide)