I don't feel like myself and I don't know why....

I want to feel like self.png

It's so frustrating because you always have it together....

Up until now.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Why I’m here (in this company, relationship, on earth)? I don’t know what to do next. What’s the point?

  • I can’t snap out of feeling like I’m sleepwalking through my routine, like I'm somehow detached from the things and people around me. Sure, I'm functional, but something doesn't feel right.

  • I'm so smart and I can't figure out why I can't unwind myself from this situation....why is this happening?

  • I never get sick but here I am... I feel like crap, and I HAVE to keep going because people are depending on me.

  • I don't normally act like an ass but honestly, I feel like screaming, "GET OUT OF MY WAY! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO." Why am I feel like toothpaste being squeezed out of a clogged up tube?

  • Why don't all of those centering, meditation, and positive affirmations work for me?

  • I can’t figure out why I can’t figure this out. What's wrong with me? (HINT: NOTHING is wrong with you).

  • I’m doing more stuff that I know I shouldn’t, like drinking or spending way too much time on social media.

  • I would snap out of it if I just could get my head around what's happening.

  • I don’t know what happiness is.

  • I don’t even know why I’m here on this earth.

What if you had a framework and tools that you can customize based on your own soulful intelligence to a get to a place where you could:

  • Say, “Oh, I get what’s happening and I know how to pull myself up.”

  • Know, “I always have options and I always choose what serves me and those around me.”

  • Feel “I...am...FREE” all the time.

  • Ask, “Box? What box? All of sudden, I'm back!”

  • Love your life even though nothing on the outside has really changed.

  • Get control of your life back, just like before…but better.

How quickly can you sort this out? Become clearer, know what to do, and get unstuck with absolute confidence without gut wrenching effort? How about getting deep, freeing epiphanies within 30 days, knowing that most people get it way sooner (with the normal caveat that everyone's ability to assimilate is different)?

What does this have to do with feeling disconnected? It simply means that all known solutions that have worked so well in the past don't because you've expanded beyond that point.

The truth is, you have just about everything you need to do that if you’re alive and breathing. Although it sure doesn’t feel like it, your truth and best life is happening right now, sometimes in inverse, and all you need are some new lens, the tools to decode what’s going on, and a general roadmap of what’s going on and what to expect.

The best news is, you get to customize how you want to apply the tools so you own them completely, and can discard the roadmap once you familiarize yourself with certainty about where it is you really want to go. What this really means is total freedom for you.

Most people run into a point in their lives when what has worked in the past, doesn’t work now and googling for answers hasn’t really brought to mind the right stuff for the way you view and live in the real world.

What does that mean? You have bumped up against all of your front of mind wisdom with great earnestness and honesty. It also means that you're unwittingly in charge, even now by playing out the hidden scripts that aren’t even yours.

And that means, you’re ready to add a new framework to get from point A, where you’re at, to point B, where you want to be.

This isn’t about doing anything different in your life to change it, or about doing more. It’s about putting on a new lens so you can manage your life to be its fullest and best....and that means, feeling like yourself again.

People need simpler more resonant ways with the least amount of effort to get there. Everything out there makes the wrong assumption that you need someone one to do it for you or base their teachings on things that aren’t grounded in who you really are in a surpassing way.

It’s about being you, on all levels, based on your integrity, without special mantras or transformational weekend retreats.

It’s about having the different lens on how to decode what’s really going and use that to your benefit, in your own style, as you deem what feels right.

Your True Life Roadmap is for people who want to:

  • get unstuck but don’t know what to do and are tired of feeling crappy about being out of control.

  • to look at their lives differently from a place of owning complete empowerment

  • know what it means to trust themselves completely, open to be honest with themselves and are at that point, where they'll do what they need to in order to get back on track.

  • learn how to set themselves straight because no one else can.

  • to stay on course even when life happens.

  • have everything to be in a one note with their intellect, soulful intelligence and all practical sensibilities of living n the real world.

  • reverse engineer their problems quickly, all the way to the root.

And you know, deep down inside, it doesn’t have to be hard. You instinctively know that there is more to life than what you have right now.

And you are 100% right. 

This isn't a good match for you if:

  • You flourish when being guided on a continual ongoing basis, supportive basis provided by guru other than yourself.

  • You don't need any additional immense benefit from existing spiritual and intellectual teachings around life purpose and empowerment.

  • Want a solution that takes all of your future problems away forever and ever, because in my opinion, life will continue to happen but there's a better way to live your life when new information comes up.

I created this roadmap and adapted the tools over 10 years while working in the financial services industry to help me turn things in my favor while maintaining my high performance AND serving the better good MY way. I hope it will save you time, energy, and frustration as the transparent and honest distillation of what I've learned and what works in the most efficient way regardless of each individual's specific details because it's based on how to get to the root of the matter as painlessly and quickly as possible to achieve the total freedom that each person is capable of achieving.

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