Make Work the Best Part of Your Life

Be seen and heard when you just can’t quit your job.


You already know how to do everything to meet your deadlines like managing resources, unexpected developments and the even more important, expectation management.

  • You know how to translate the Why into the What Who, How, and When.

    And, you’re damn good at it when you look back at everything you’ve accomplished.

    But, now you’re struggling with why you’re not getting the work you want.

    It’s like this:

    • With so many of the leaders building empires within empires, why aren’t they listening to what you want to do, the stuff that you’re really good at.

    • I mean, you’d love to integrate fulfillment and happiness into work but what about the 99 other things your boss wants you to do?

    • You can’t even put enough attention on what’s your plate so you are already defeated before you’ve begun chipping away at the rocks.

    • There has been so much change, you have no idea if the value and talent you have is ever going to land in the next reorg.

    • Everything you’ve done in the past to move forward is not working because the cascading effect is leaving the office landscape in constant motion.

    • And you’re beginning to think, is this all a reflection of my value?

You are giving up and turtling in, wondering if this is the way it has to be. Retirement is still too far off in the distance and finding another job at your level isn’t as easy as it sounds.



Boy, do I know this

You know that you have to do this…and you know you CAN do this. And while your goal is just to make it through today, you know that there’s gotta be a different way than meditation, mindfulness, or therapy all which add something more to do.

 I know this because during my 34 years in corporate America, I tolerated it, numbed myself, and became the ideal stepford wife at work where ‘everything was fine.” I did so because everyone else was just as miserable and doing the same thing I was.

Until one day, after a performance review stated that I needed to improve on my support of colleagues in meetings because it was distracting, I felt a surge of rage and left my body. I had to leave the building and stare at the trees.

Who nixes someone for supporting a colleague who is terrified of messing up because they know it’ll show up on their performance review. Since when did being nice, empathetic and supportive become a negative?

I’ll tell you when…it’s when you work for a company managed by leaders who are so terrified of being labeled as inefficient that they crush the souls of their employees into little teeny tiny molds of subservience.


I was even more furious wtih the unfairness of life because I didn’t want to be seen as a quitter by transferring laterally and honestly, I was getting paid pretty good money. And the benefits were awesome and generous.

BUT…I…COULDN’T…TAKE…THE…MISERY…ANYMORE, regardless of it being a first world problem.

I know it doesn’t seem possible to be happy at work. You can achieve happiness, fulfillment, infuse your purpose in work without introducing risk to your reputation and losing what you’ve worked up to now.

So, I had to find a way to unwind and regain my perspective, without doing the yoga meditation thing because I didn’t have time and frankly, didn’t work for me ‘cuz the cray cray train was still there in the morning.

I needed to get to the root, like continuous improvement strategies, so that I wouldn’t have to think about it again. And, for all of the above, it’s all rooted in the subconscious.

I was initially scared to venture into this but when I realized how much power and control I had over it and how easy it was to work with this archaic system, I was sold.

I found a way to make space for me without feeling guilty or scared that something bad was going to happen. So I created the Make Work the Best Part of Your Life Strategy so I could be happy, remain a high performer and, most importantly, not get fired.

This is what happens after taking the Make Work the Best Part of Your Life package. You

  • set power, hidden boundaries that people listen to you because you’re one of the few people with courage and authenticity without compromising your integrity

  • observe all the drama swirls around you but don’t take it in, even in the most unstable environments.

  • are clear with focus to execute because you have more time and energy even though the number of priorities haven’t dropped. Space opens up without you lobbying for it.

  • are free to use your accumulated experience and acumen to get the work you want by influencing those around you who finally see your point of view.


We connected at just the right moment. The timing was perfect. You were there to stop me from going too deep into a dark place, but after our work, everything came to the place where it should be. The suggested tools were much different than those taught by others. The results were amazing. The way you explained things, I now understand (from an analytical mind). I also like how I can personalize the tools you taught me so that I can own my power and sacred space on earth. You have a genuine heart of gold providing the right energy needed at the right time! Didi L.


Here’s What You Get

In four 1.5 hour sessions, you’ll get back in control to make the difference you really want to make in the big picture while not having to change anything in your external life.

You’ll see how powerful you are without manipulation, power, or force.

Say goodbye to thoughts of having to quit your job, starting over, feeding the machine of work stagnation, or having to abandon life for Tibet.

Learn the strategies to going from being stuck to bringing it and how to use your power (without manipulation deceit force or domination).

  • 1/2 hour complimentary discovery chat to make sure we’re being honest with each other around what I can and can’t do.

  • I’ll personalize the strategy and tools from the True Life Roadmap in four sessions to change work from the worst part to the best part of your life through actionable strategies you’ll implement in each call.

1. Eliminate stress by finding your North Star that you bring to the office everyday by getting clear and back in control. Homework will be required for your next session.

2. Liberate the root cause that binds your freedom in the office. What trips you up rarely is what you think it is.

3. Manage your power and influence by stopping how you waste your time and energy reacting to the cray cray.

4. Use your compass and roadmap to make work the best part of your life.

  • Free access to the online course, The True Life Roadmap, with over 40 videos, 38 pdf exercises for lifetime so you always have backup, if you need it.

  • Audio recording of our sessions, notes, and pdf exercises provided after each call so you won’t have to worry about taking copious notes..

  • Plan to be in a quiet, private space (and you can bring a pen and paper in case something really jumps out at you) because it’s time to break the cycle of stress by declaring in this simple act that you are done. .

The exercises were so quick and simple and yet, it completely transformed the essence of the relationships in a way was so beautiful. Our exchanges became so much easier and I didn’t have to do anything different. It went from a feeling of soul draining overwhelm to normal and balanced. Such an easy exercise and yet incredibly profound and life saving."Jenny K.

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When can I see the course? Whenever you’re ready! All modules unlock upon payment.
How long does coursetake?Each exercise runs between 5-20 minutes - this is a self-paced online course, so there's no rush.
Do you have a refund policy?
No, that’s why I want to be super clear in the compliementary discovery chat. Let’s be honest with each other around what’s happeing and if you can commit to doing the work.