I can't stand my [boss, job, company] BUT....


I am trapped on this boat with no oars, and it sucks...

Because I worked so hard to get this job in the first place and even with shifts in the org chart, I have always been able to bounce back. Until now.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I feel like I check in for an involuntary psych evaluation every time I step into this office. And I'm dead inside.

  • I am so tired of working so hard.

  • I am stuck because if I do what I know what to do to make it better, I'm going to get on "that" list of retribution and become an untouchable, someone no one wants to work with because their (undesirable) reputation precedes them.

  • Yes, I called in sick....BECAUSE I'M SICK OF YOU! I'm covered with a shroud of defeat before I even get out of bed and today....I don't care what you think of me, I just can't make it in.

  • I lie when I say, "I'm fine!" and "Nothing's wrong,"  when people accuse me of seeming different or stressed. Being a “stepford wife” is getting old.

  • I know I'm going to lose my job if I press my point of view, which means then, I'm going end up living under some bridge. There is no way out of this place but what I really want to do is jump ship here.

  • Is it wrong to visualize terrible things happening to my boss because he/she is such an a**hole?

  • Why doesn't anyone listen to reason in this place? Everyone just wants to check the box.

  • OMG, I'm doing it again! All I do is complain about the same thing to my friends, and I can tell from their blank smiles that I'm a broken record. But, I...CAN'T...HELP...IT.

  • I have given up trying to change this place because, even for me, it's too hard.

  • Why should I even care about this? Come to think about it, I've never cared about this job besides the money.. 

  • Will leaving this job make my next job any different? Maybe it's better off just staying here because the thought of starting over is just too much work.

  • 12.7 years until retirement less (4 weeks of vacation x 12.7 years) less (ummm, 12 sick days a year x 12.7 year) and THEN I get to live my real life!!!! Well, provided the stock market doesn't tank again, my company doesn't downsize, automation doesn't replace my job, a natural disaster doesn't destroy my house, I get divorced, or global war breaks out which in that case, what does this matter?

What if you had a framework and tools that you can customize based on your own soulful intelligence to a get to a place where you could:

  • Get ahead without playing the game or sucking up.

  • Use your drive and energy to REALLY make stuff happen more easily.

  • Shift things with the people at work, when you do nothing different and it makes you wonder, "Is my boss taking his/her meds? He/she seems to normal all of a sudden.?" 

  • See stuff slide off you like teflon AND feeling good about it because  you know, this is "not my monkey, not my circus."  

  • Watch the crazy show while eating your popcorn because it's not your story anymore.

  • Feel like it's "parole time" and being very clear about what your next step is - like moving onto something different. 

  • Be protected so no one f**ks with your mind because you see what's really going on here and know exactly what to do about it in a way that serves the better good for everyone.

  • Be "seen" and be a part of the bigger corporate mission. It's not just a story, you feel, “own” and know this.

  • Know that you always have options.

How quickly can you sort this out? You know, become clearer, know what to do, and get unstuck with absolute confidence without gut wrenching effort? How about getting deep, freeing epiphanies within 30 days, knowing that most people get it way sooner (with the normal caveat that everyone's ability to assimilate is different)?

What does this have to with HATING your boss/job/company? It simply means that all known solutions that have worked so well in the past don't because you've expanded beyond that point.

The truth is, you have just about everything you need to do that if you’re alive and breathing. Although it sure doesn’t feel like it, your  best life is happening right now, sometimes in inverse, and all you need are some new lens, the tools to decode what’s going on, and a roadmap to understand and unwind what’s going on and what to expect.

The best news is, you get to customize how you want to apply the tools so you own them completely, and can discard the roadmap once they start running on their own. What this really means is total freedom for you.

This isn’t about doing anything different in your life to change it, or about doing more. It’s about putting on a new lens so you can manage your life to be its fullest and best....and that means, feeling like yourself again.

It’s about being you, on all levels, based on your integrity, without the woo-woo.

Your True Life Roadmap is for people who want to:

  • get unstuck but don’t know what to do and are tired of feeling crappy about being out of control.

  • to look at their lives differently from a place of owning complete empowerment

  • know what it means to trust themselves completely, open to be honest with themselves and are at that point, where they'll do what they need to in order to get back on track.

  • learn how to set themselves straight because no one else can.

  • to stay on course even when life happens.

  • have everything to be in a one note with their intellect, soulful intelligence and all practical sensibilities of living n the real world.

  • reverse engineer their problems quickly, all the way to the root.

And you know, deep down inside, it doesn’t have to be hard. You instinctively know that there is more to life than what you have right now.

And you are 100% right. 

This isn't a good match for you if:

  • You flourish when being guided on a continual ongoing basis, supportive basis provided by guru other than yourself.

  • You don't need any additional immense benefit from existing spiritual and intellectual teachings around life purpose and empowerment.

  • Want a solution that takes all of your future problems away forever and ever, because in my opinion, life will continue to happen but there's a better way to live your life when new information comes up.

I created this roadmap and adapted the tools over 10 years while working in the financial services industry to help me turn things in my favor while maintaining my high performance AND serving the better good MY way.

I hope it will save you time, energy, and frustration as the transparent and honest distillation of what I've learned and what works in the most efficient way regardless of each individual's specific details because it's based on how to get to the root of the matter as painlessly and quickly as possible to achieve the total freedom that each person is capable of achieving.

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