What to Do When the Shit Hits the Fan

It’s a masterpiece! When an epic cluster seems like the end of the world, widen your perspective so you can discern what’s really going on.

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Uh oh.

The shit is flying and you’re secretly wondering what you did wrong.

This is ins’t about swirling around figuring out that question and all about you getting the information quickly about what’s going on and why.

Get clear and know what to do without compromise, sucking up or turtling in.

Watch this

The unexpected is a chance for your true north to shine without effort instead of feeding the drama machine.

This isn’t a teeth gritting exercise about forcing yourself to keep it together.

It’s about being so stable that you can clearly see what’s your part in the circus, if any, and what you can do to help people understand theirs without confronting them.

Download your Shit Has Hit the Fan Checklist

Download your Shit Has Hit the Fan Checklist

Recipe Card Checklist

After learning this, you won’t need to know yourself through challenges anymore because you’ll clearly see the root of the issue automatically.

When you know your authentic, original essence self, you’ll find that challenges are simply neutral information to get you closer to where you want to be.

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