Seeing, Receiving, Accepting


I love the image that presented itself to me this morning in my kitchen.

I love how she openly receives the simple gifts in life and from nature.

How easily do you catch the beauty and gifts in front of you?

I teach my clients how to see the truth of who they are from behind their eyes and bridge that to their more familiar intellectual mind to make life full of meaning in the big, BIG picture of their lives.

We got this incense holder years ago at an antique shop on State Street in Santa Barbara. How weird that a Japanese item ended up in a predominantly white area. I suppose that’s because things of beauty appeal to everyone regardless of the world citizenship that originated it.

During a time when things to be so polarized, I believe the real message is for us to surpass what we see in front of our eyes to know that the left and the right are actually facets of the same thing. Gun rights and the right to not be shot all revolve around the desire of security and protection.

We have more in common than we realize.