How to Destress From a Shitty Day

Don’t force yourself to meditate to recenter and decompress.

This isn’t about breathing (because you’re already doing that, I think) but using what’s in front of you to get back in control.

Learn to do it so it runs automatically.


Unwind stress quickly

We all do this. We get pulled off course from time to time especially when something big happens.

Stress is the projection or regression of your power that makes your body work harder to overcompensate for what you is taken or given away. Don’t check out - Reset…without meditation.

Watch this

The root cause of stress is a violation or depletion of your power away from where it belongs…with you.

It’s a pull that violates who you really are, at the unseen, unspoken word level that exists separated from your conscious mind.

Download the checklist below for the actual exercise.

Download the checklist here.

Download the checklist here.

Recipe Card Checklist

This experience takes a minute to learn but the point is for it to run on its own after your body recognizes its natural state of being fully empowered.

Your body is going to recognize this tip so you can recall it, if you need to, in seconds.

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