De-stress: Unwind your overlooked power

Stop bringing work home.

You juggle projects like an octopus and deliver like the pro that you are … You know what to do and people come to you for that. You have got a lot to give and people take it.

But you’re still struggling with unwinding at the end of the day. You

  • want life balance and your components says it supports it but you wonder what they really think when you leave on time.

  • find yourself working on tomorrow’s presentation because you have nine # 1 priorities and there’s only 8 hours in the office and not enough time after dinner and the kids are in bed, to get it all done. So you read that one work email. And now, you say, “Never ever, ever, EVER read work emails before bed.” because now, you can’t get it out of your head.

  • keep feeling how pissed off your boss made you. And, in the back of your mind, while watching TV, you keep thinking about how He/She just doesn’t get it, no matter how you much you’ve explained “not enough time and resources” when asked for your input and STILL does nothing.

  • secretly worry that if you don’t get everything done, how it’ll show up on your review, how you’ll look to everyone in the company, and may even wonder, “If I’m not busy, what would that mean?” because you know they’re managing expenses.

  • don’t see a way out, so thank the heavens for Starbucks coffee catchups so you can bitch with your friends, just to relieve the stress and make it through another day. But, your health doesn’t lie when it comes to persisting through the grind. How can you stop because you can’t even think clearly now?

You just can’t get work out of your head and you’re wondering if this is the way it has to be. You know you need to take care of yourself before you NEED to take care of yourself.

Listen, you KNOW

  • can do better for yourself, that life is too short to piss away your energy at work

  • that you will make it through this week but just wish there was something better. I mean, meditation, therapy (medical, alcohol, or retail) really don’t fix it.

  • .that if you just could get back in control, work wouldn’t be so hard.

Do more. Yeah, right.

Do more. Yeah, right.

Yup, I know

During my 34 years in corporate America, I brought it all home with me every night. I tolerated it, numbed myself, and became the ideal stepford wife at work where ‘everything’s fine” because I knew I’d get on “The List” if I showed how I really felt.

For 23 of those years, I also was the caregiver for my dad who had Alzheimers and my brother who was in a coma. I was running on fumes.

I couldn’t quit. I had bills to pay. I had to take care of my family.

Until, one day, I ran dry.

I asked a co-worker the question that I couldn’t answer myself, “What makes you happy? You know, outside of your family, your house, 401(k), your job…”

I sat in my cubicle panicking when she looked at me and said, “I don’t know.”

So, I did this…

I wasn’t able to recharge during my vacations because I had checked emails out of FOMO.

  • I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way without introducing risk to your reputation and what you’ve worked up to now.

  • I had to find a way to unwind from the persistent barrage without doing the yoga or meditation because I didn’t have time.

  • I found a way to make space for me without feeling guilty or scared that something bad was going to happen. And true to the continuous improvement spirit, I found the root cause of why I was so stressed out to the point of being erased.

  • I created the De-Stress: Unwind From a Shitty Day at the Office Strategy so I could get back in control, make things really happen so that I felt like I doing something worthwhile at work, remain a high performer but without compromise this time, and not get fired.

You can too…

It is possible for you to

  • have boundaries without forcing them or risk getting fired so you can truly leave work at home.

  • find yourself have a clear head because you got enough rest with a clear conscious to focus on what really needs to be done even if your boss is clueless or too afraid to move forward.

  • find that you have your weekends and Netflix binges all to yourself because the next reorg isn’t permitted into your headspace

  • get done what needs to be done and not worry about what isn’t because you have the clarity to discern what’s important.

Joy did an amazing job by describing the process and explaining the imagery she see. She was able to find what I really needed to know based on the question and my intent for the session. In the back of my mind, I knew my horrible habits that I need to fix but never made the effort. After the session, the message was loud and clear to me and now I know what I needed to do to move forward. Thanks so much Joy. I would recommend booking a session with Joy, you may never know what you will discover. T. Vang

It may feel like this but it really can be better.

It may feel like this but it really can be better.

Come up for air.

Come up for air.

Introducing the De-Stress: Unwind from a Shitty Day at the Office

A 1.5 hour session with a 1/2 hour followup to get your headspace back so that you can unleash stress and all the work mindf*$k.

Say goodbye to the office drama because you no longer feed the machine. Get what doesn’t belong to you out of your headspace so that you can finally use all of your intellect and experience to take charge again.

Once clear on what’s really going on with that, you’ll learn how to quickly unwind the root strategically so you don’t take the office home anymore and how to relax. Notes and session audio recording provided.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Context around rumination’s root as a subconscious intrusion that’ll hook you until you release it

  • HOW to get rid of it through an actionable strategy you’ll implement during the call. It’s not another unicorn in lotus position but the use of portable tools like your internal mindscape definitions, gravity, neutral separation to restore calm, clarity and control so people will pick up what you put down.

  • Audio recording of the session and pdf of exercises so you won’t have to worry about your attention away from the experience by taking notes.

  • Plan to be in a quiet, private space (and you bring a pen and paper in case something really jumps out at you) because it’s time to break the cycle of stress by declaring in this simple act that you are done.

How much will that cost? $350 for 1.5 hours

Audio, pdf notes, and exercises included

Unwind the hidden power in your life so you can identify your next best steps that align with your higher self’s purpose.

"The session with Joy was a wonderful experience for me. Joy has a lovely energy and I could feel her sincerity in wanting to help people. She got straight to the heart of my question, and let me know what I really need to work on at this moment. Thank you so much Joy for your lovely gift." L. Kaye

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