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The Dharma of Business

by Joy Osaka-Lu with Wanda Wen

Companies don’t change but the people who work in them can.


Embodying your purpose no matter where you are, including work, where most of us spend our days, changes how money is created, spent, and how that impacts the world.

You are the original currency (Tasha Chen). The way you use your time and energy in exchange for money is under your control. The way you spend money is how you vote for what you want.

The way you do both reverberates for perpetuity.


This book is neither intellectual or spiritual but both, an alchemy of the power we were designed to use every day.

Using my 34 years of experience in Corporate America in the mental health, travel, entertainment, government, financial services, and investment management sectors, I saw the same patterns of what breaks down when there is a disconnect with any of these business cycles from an alchemized perspective.

It didn’t matter what role I sat in, administrative, office management, director, consultant, project manager or the area of focus like technical writing, coordinator, data, or business process improvement.

Each tenent connects from the world to the business to the individuals in it affect problems that most businesses spend a lot of time and energy in trying to fix.

  1. Vision, Mission, Life Purpose: Engagement

  2.  Visibility, Reputation, Existence: Innovation

  3.  Power, Capacity, Full of Self: Speed to market

  4.   Leadership, Guidance, Sovereignty: Risk Management

  5.   Enough, Differentiation, Identity: Stress

  6.   Service, Patron, Presence: Absenteeism

  7.  Relationship, Circle, One Ripple: Change Management

  8.  Legacy, The Planet, Humanity: Expense Management