The Dharma of Business

Coming Fall 2019

Companies don’t change but the people who work in them can.


You have a bigger part to play at work than just working for money to support your family. You are designed to do so in an easier way than you’re doing it currently.

To think that life happens only outside of the office is a miss. We spend most of our time at work so why not use that time to create a deeply meaningful and impactful life while creating a sustainable future for the world?

Embodying your purpose no matter where you are, including work, where most of us spend our days, changes how money is created, spent, and impacts the world.

It goes beyond pithy memes to a vital call to understand how money is created and spent goes beyond the standard quarterly report.

And, in doing so, you focus less on your upcoming performance review and using your inner power in alignment with your purpose to get more done without doing more, influencing people for change, and using the majority of day, at work, to live fully.

You are the original currency (Tasha Chen). The way you use your time and energy in exchange for money is under your control. The way you spend money is how you vote for what you want.

The way you do both reverberates into perpetuity.


This book is neither intellectual or spiritual but both, an alchemy of the power we were designed to use every day.

Using my 34 years of experience in Corporate America in the mental health, travel, entertainment, government, financial services, and investment management sectors, I saw the same patterns of what breaks down when there is a disconnect with any of these business cycles from an alchemized perspective.

It didn’t matter what role I sat in, administrative, office management, director, consultant, project manager or the area of focus like technical writing, coordinator, data, or business process improvement.

Businesses try to manage outward problems like expense and risk management and employee engagement through policies and procedures, initiatives that check the box, and wellness programs but few understand how easy it is to directly unwind the energetic root that causes them.

By harnessing the power of your purpose, you can mold and shift the deep impact businesses make

Each tenent connects the world to the business to the individual and at its energetic core, can remedy problems that most businesses spend a lot of time and energy skating over and around.

       I.         The Dharma of Business: A New Business Cycle

      II.         Vision, Mission, Life Purpose: Truth & Engagement

     III.         Visibility, Reputation, Existence: Courage & Innovation

   IV.         Power, Capacity, Full of Self: Liberation & Time-to-Market

    V.         Leadership, Guidance, Sovereignty: Trust & Risk Management

   VI.         Whole, Differentiation, Identity: Integrity & Stress

  VII.         Service, Patron, Presence: Safety & Absenteeism

 VIII.         Relationship, Unitary, One Ripple: Respect & Change Management

    IX.         Legacy, The Planet, Humanity: Future & Expense Management

Lead, Amazing Woman, Lead

As only Marsh Engle can do, this curation of female transformational authors give examples of what Feminine Leadership looks like. The time has come for us to rise together.


Coming March 2020