Reality Check

I'm sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror (either physical or spiritual), I mean, REALLY look, and see something that I've never realized before. After the initial startled, "WHAT?!!! I look like THAT? Why didn't anyone tell me?" response fades, I wonder what kind of impression I've left on others...and for how long.

The little mental story I have of myself sometimes isn't the same as reality. 

I've come to realize that my life will probably continue to be filled with moments like this because I hope to continue to learn and grow. It's like the same lessons keep circling around again to show me another aspect of itself but not before I'm ready to face it.

Rather than burying myself back in the Box, I find it's a bit easier to give myself a break, laugh a little, and tell Perfection, "You will never make me hide again."

So, if I wear two different shoes to work (yup, done that), realize that my makeup palette is out-of-date, or my long-held spiritual belief dispels, I'll point out it out with humor instead of being squished by mortification. The beautiful thing is that people, more often than not, will tell me they've done something similar before. I'm not certain if they have but their lovingkindness makes me grateful for being alive.

And that's the great part of being human...we can share our moments of realization with others, no matter how deep or embarrassing, only to have others support us. I wish humanity focused more on things like that than things that separate us.

Soooo, if I happen to quietly point out that trailing piece of toilet paper stuck on your shoe, please don't be embarrassed but know that's happened to me, too1