Why does it matter?


Answering the generic question, “Why does ____ matter?” can be applied to the macro level like “Why should I be concerned about the truth of who I am?” as well as to the more immediate concerns like “What does it matter that I’m not happy at work? No one else is.”

This may seem like it falls into the “nice-to-have” bucket but I’ve found that everyone experiences a tipping point in life...and there will be a time when it’s going to be vital that you’re going to have to know who you are apart from external metrics of happiness.

Why a Life Foundation is Not a Nice-to-Have

This matters because if you see the world from the big, BIG picture like I do, you’ll see how small and big events are causing some pause when looking to authorities we had, up to that point, placed so much of our faith in. Institutions like formalized religion and the entertainment industry, to name a few, do more than tantalize us with scandals but give us each an opportunity to ask, “Where do I place the foundation of my beliefs? To whom do I give my power to?” “Who do I give the energy of my admiration to?”

Rich, poor, world citizenship or ethnicity, male or female and so on are being reevaluated, too, on a collective basis.

On a much more personal and immediate level, each of us has experienced something life changing that may have resulted in questioning the social constructs previously believed to be true before that foundation fell away.

Whether it’s a divorce, a chronic illness or something at work that pierces deeply or slowly, each of us is designed to get to this point in our lives to stop screwing around and get our priorities straight.

I use this analogy a lot, not to downplay the immense criticality of the situation, but to bring a metaphor to how our attention to our priorities can shift in a moment.

Everyone knows about cancer, knows someone who has had it and even though it’s real, it feels like a distant land on the horizon until you develop it in your own body.

Then the focus shifts immediately and it becomes central to your life.

Tipping points in life are like that...they get you super focused super quick. They immediately prioritize what’s important in life even though you’ve always had an idea of what they were but instead of thinking of them, you act on it.

Why is This Not Front of Mind?

We have been socialized subconsciously away from how important it is to always have the right priorities in place without a tipping point…one that is based on the foundation of who you are.

This is important because when things begin to shift in a more pronounced and fast manner, the key to being in the one thing we can control, immersed in this present moment, relies on standing a solid, unchanging foundation. From this place, you have immense power to change the fabric of your future.

What you do today, however, trivial it may seem, reverberates into perpetuity, either to move us all forward or to make things harder by keeping us stuck in the same place.

The latter happens when we’re taught to pursue things we think will make us happy. You can do so much more easily and achieve big goals AND not postpone life while doing so when your foundation is set on your truth.

What Does This Mean to Me?

The stories in the nightly news are not meant to distract us into stagnation or polarize and isolate us from one another but rather encourage us to surpass the dualistic viewpoints of, “Which side do you stand on? is this right or wrong?” while trying to solution it within the same context that the issue exists.

Those questions , when answered from that perspective, lock us in place instead of moving us forward.

Instead, you’re being asked to reflect on how we feel about it from the perspective of, “What does this mean to you in the big picture of YOUR life? Why does this matter to you from the perspective of your personal evolution?”

This matters because you may be faced with having to lead your life when you realize that was the way your life was meant to be all along.

In my upcoming book, The Dharma Of Business, there are prompts to reflect the facets of yourself in relationship to real business issues like expense and risk management, employee engagement, leadership. In the perfect incubator of work, you can clearly see, if you look deep enough, what is being reflected back to you the relationship you personally have with these issues that affect the bottom line of profit. Of money.

This matters because you have such a great opportunity and overlooked power to change how money is made and spent, not by skating the surface on what feels right, but deeply and into perpetuity of the undercurrent of how you much it means to you.

You can do so now before the nature of business and money begins to shift.

Do You Connect the Dots?

Humans are designed to be whole, not leaving bits and pieces of their power with a job, money, or even beloveds. When they are, they show up in all of these details of life wholly and experience life the way it was designed to be.

Sovereign, using a spiritual term, means to enjoy it fully even when things go sideways when there is an inner knowing of what it means to you in a personal level without having to go to therapy or take medications to understand it.

There is a direct connection between what you do everyday in meetings, preparing decks, and running projects that link you to others in the company obviously but also to the patrons who buy the services and products you produce and to the health of the planet at the hidden undercurrent level.

And it all reflects back to you on how happy you are day to day, how much of your love you live fully now (not just in retirement) and how much you can truly support your family at a deep, deep level.

The invitation is to reflect on the original question: Why does ________ matter?” It can be your job, money, your purpose, a problematic relationship with a boss or partner.

That begins to reflect back to you clues of who you are where you might have given power away to.

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