Photo by Jack Nitowitz

Photo by Jack Nitowitz

Behind the One Ripple ® Approach

After working 34 years in corporate America, with the last 12 in investment management, I’ve learned that ALL of my experiences are used today in the framework that I created. It enables a form of surpassing self-empowerment that allows people, living and working in the real world, to bring their best selves forward everyday without the need to "think" about how to do it. And, because I was extremely busy, it had to be fast but without introducing risk or cutting corners.

I saw what was really needed in my work in every company I worked for. The needs of leaders and employees to be seen, heard, to “know” they mattered, and that their work contributed to something bigger than themselves.

All of the angst around promotions, evaluations, participation and appreciation come down to the question I want to ask you: “Who” is being seen? The real you? The false identity of who is “supposed” to show up? The defined role that people in your life determine?

To solve for this, I needed something that was fast without introducing risk or unintended consequences, repeatable, and scalable. I slow down when I operate in other people's stories or paradigms that in any way confine me. I needed it to be flexible and broad enough for anyone to slot themselves into, regardless of life experience variances.

I knew that it is not possible, or even desired, to abandon your current job or family responsibilities, so the work is geared to ensure personal integrity in all environments and relationship dynamics, regardless of what appears possible on the surface.

Ideally, the work occurs without you doing anything differently externally so you can litmus test the changes yourself.

After a 10 year period of learning different tools that “worked” for my analytical, fast-moving mind, I got certified as a life purpose coach.

In this role, I am an educator for your identity independence, I incorporate my style elements that made me successful in the corporate world: Figure stuff out quickly, share completely and transparently what works, pivot on a dime, and uplift in an instantly to mutually benefit everyone. 

The Approach

My signature approach, The True Life Roadmap, includes the scalable and repeatable tools and context where you are the center of the framework.

I have found, to be cliche, that really there is knowledge in power...and even more potency when one owns that power at all levels of the human design. The only one who can intuitively assess and apply this knowledge is you. 

I focus on educating you how to learn, then embody, the tools so that they run on their own. The goal is complete independence for you, in all areas.

True to my North Star of freedom, it works best when people are allowed to have the space and pace that is right for them to do this deep work, quickly and without introducing risk. 

My one-on-one sessions allow me to hear the “unspoken words” real-time so that I can customized the tools in a way that make sense to your unique circumstances.

My workshops are “different” where the collective group energy supports the quiet, private work of each individual.

Unlike the paradigm of control I've seen in many spiritual practitioners who say one thing but their teachings and actions do little to liberate, my work is only a framework where YOU are the center. It's not driven by me, but based solely on your unique experiences.

My Focus

I teach people how to change the “disempowerment underflow”of working in Corporate America, and all the resulting reflections of a captive life.

Life purpose can happen now without compromising personal integrity.

I work with people who’s achievements in life have suddenly become a hallow synonym for life purpose by helping them find their North Star, who they really are, that frees them from the vulnerability of external definitions worth and value bring.

And, I do so in a way where they don’t have to think about it or do anything on top of their busy lives.

I teach people to use portable tools in the subconscious and based in the body to own power and freedom in sensible, practical ways.

What This Means To You

You've got to be ready for this work. You've got to be honest with yourself in the safety and privacy of your own home. You've got to be willing to do what's best for YOU always, because when you do, it will make things better for those around you. 

The biggest fear and reason why people shy away from this is that they're afraid of what will happen if they change stuff around. I will tell you what happens: The fear of the unknown is that very few people know who they really are, at their unshakeable soul's essence and how powerful they are without other people's scripts running their lives. It is about using only your point of truth, your magnetic north, YOUR North Star, as the only measure of what's right for you.

Scripts that don't align with what you want don't care about whether you're happy or not - their focus is to  maintain the homeostasis of survival in an archaic, inflexible, and hidden way. They do NOT intend to harm you, although it may appear that way when they play out in your life.

The good news is that their archaic nature makes them easy for people in modern times to change them, if you have the right tools and readiness.

It takes a special kind of normal person to do this work. Someone who

  • knows what it means to focus for achievement...and get it.

  • wants and is open to something different, simple, and fast to get to the root of where their happiness and best life is.

  • has proven for themselves that other self-transformation tools and tactics don’t work for them.

  • is ready to use their full capacity of life experiences so far and direct their energy in a way that they choose, starting in their current situation.

  • may suspect that the identity and story they're living isn't theirs resulting in a feeling of being a synonym for something that isn't them.

  • wants to move forward fast without any tarry residue because they don't have time to fuck around.

  • doesn't want to cut corners or harm those around them while finally living a life to purpose.

You'll "know" if this is right for you. And I always encourage people to follow what they feel and know to be right for them.

Photo by Jack Nitowitz

Photo by Jack Nitowitz