Photo by Jack Nitowitz

Photo by Jack Nitowitz

One ripple AT A TIME

I created this site to share my experiences and tools that helped me live according to my North Star. I realized that I had been sleepwalking through a life that didn't belong to me, so I began to unpeel the "crap" in order to design a life that I love.

I've spent time in the mental health, entertainment, travel, and financial services industries spending time in data project management, technical writing, continuous improvement  in roles from the bottom up and found that each experience was absolutely necessary in my path.

I know that everyone's path is different but. if anything here hits a chord with you, I hope you'll be encouraged to know that if I can do this, you can, too. Just know that you're not alone on your matter and by default of being alive, are a hero of your own life.

For me, it started with one small ripple, that led to another, then another. I'd like to believe that by being nothing more than my true, free self and having "zen" in the real world, I'm affecting those around me, and they in turn, touch those around them, just like one ripple making all the difference needed in that moment.

You know, ripples and water are funny things. They can be smooth, calm, raging, flowing, frozen, or rancid. They can be destructive and ferocious, eroding what seems to be permanent, or refreshing as a welcome respite.

One Ripple was created to provide context to understand (and change) life's autopilot so lifelong learners can achieve connection, hope, and a life worth living, and why it's important to do so right now with less effort by using simple and practical tools. One ripple can change everything.

Empty busyness and not knowing if there is more to life taps at our doors that are often blocked by stories of smallness and not enough-ness. It's these stories that bind almost every aspect of our days at work, home and with our relationship with ourselves and others without us even knowing it, like a sweater we've outgrown but don't take off. And yet, these stories hold the exact answers to what our rightful life is. What if you knew that the world needed you to live your life fully because your natural life was required for others to find theirs, just as one ripple causes another? And what if you knew that this needs to happen now, as only you can define it, not when circumstances are perfect or when there is enough time and space for it? One Ripple's soulfully intelligent, simple and practical steps show you how to answer and open the door.

In some ways, I feel like we all are like water, all holding our place, our ripple in the universe, beautiful and just where we're meant to be.

With open palms,

Joy Osaka-Lu
Certified Life Purpose Coach

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